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Fine Antique Sculpture from the Ancient World through the 19th Century Grand Tour


Ancient marble sculpture

18th century marble sculpture

19th century marble sculpture

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1.  An antique  marble relief of a satyr and nymph sculpted in the Baroque manner of Giovanni Bonazza (1654-1736), Venice.  The design recalls the erotic prints found in the Lascivie of Agostino Carracci (1557-1602).  31 cm H x 18 cm W.  SOLD sculpture, satyr and maiden, relief.jpg (88788 bytes)
2.  An exquisite Greek antique marble statue of  the Crouching Venus, after a  Hellenistic period original.  The author of the prime is unknown, though it has been attributed to Doidalsas of Bithynia  based on a passage in Pliny the Elder's Natural History, Book XXXVI, but this is now considered to be a later corruption.  The statue probably represents Venus bathing in the sea, rather than, as is sometimes suggested, the birth of Venus from a seashell.  Here is an outstanding example of an antique Grand Tour marble statue.  70 cm OAH.  SOLD sculpture, Venus, crouching.jpg (28183 bytes)
3.  An antique marble bust of Hermes, after Praxiteles (active ca. 375 B.C. - 340 B.C.).  The original full-figure of Hermes and the infant Dionysus is on display at the Olympia Archaeological Museum, Olympia, Greece.  The statue was found, in 1877, during the excavation of the Temple of Hera.  29 cm OAH.  SOLD sculpture, bust of Hermes by Praxiteles, front.jpg (89440 bytes)
4.  A Grand Tour marble souvenir of a child's hand, 15.5 cm OAL.  SOLD sculpture, child's hand.jpg (69692 bytes)
5.  An antique neoclassical portrait marble bust of Henry Clay (1777-1852), ca. 1840, probably from a prime by the sculptor Ferdinand Pettrich (1798-1872).  The bust is said to have come from a Lexington, Kentucky, estate.  SOLD sculpture_Henry_Clay_marble_bust_1830_angle.jpg (34184 bytes)
6.  A fine quality antique bust of the Athenian orator Demosthenes.  43cm OAH  $4,500 sculpture, Demosthenes.jpg (45252 bytes)
7.  A monumental antique marble bust of Marcus Junius Brutus (85 B.C.- 42 B.C.), one of the assassins of Gaius Julius Caesar (100 B.C. - 44 B.C.), after Michelangelo (ca. 1540), signed: Boulaire.  The Renaissance original is in the Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence.  95 cm OAH.  SOLD
sculpture, antique marble bust, Brutus by Michelangelo.jpg (75912 bytes)
8.  A fine antique statuary marble bust of a youth after the so-called Capitoline Antinous, a full-figure statue now in the Capitoline Museum, Rome.   The statue was found ca. 1723, probably at Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli.  The marble is of a well-known memorial type, owing much to the Greek sculptor Polykleitos (fl. ca. 450 B.C.), and may represent Hermes Psychopompos, the Guide of Souls.  The figure was once thought to be the deified Antinous (ca. 110 A.D. - 130 A.D.), the young companion of the Emperor Hadrian (76 A.D. - 138 A.D.).  This is a superb antique Grand Tour marble bust.  57 cm OAH  $12,500 sculpture, Hermes bust, lg.jpg (39577 bytes)
9.  A high quality antique marble sculpture bust of the Apollo Belvedere, after the Hellenistic marble statue in the Vatican's Belvedere gallery.  50 cm OAH.  SOLD sculpture, Apollo Belvedere.jpg (61860 bytes)
10.  An antique hand-carved marble bust of a satyr of the type known as testa di satiro sorridente or smiling satyr.  This exuberant faun has pointed ears, wears two bunches of ivy berries in his hair, and has an animal pelt on his back and left shoulder.  The identical marble head of a satyr is exhibited in the Vatican's Chiaramonti antiquities gallery.  Another surviving ancient example of this satyr bust, said to have been restored by Antonio Canova, was once in the Borghese Collection and the Walters Art Gallery.  The Hellenistic original is thought to be from the Aphrodisias school of sculpture in western Anatolia.  This antique Greek satyr bust is a fine decorative sculpture for a wine cellar.  38 cm OAH.  $15,500  
11.  An antique marble bust of the Emperor Vespasian.  The remnant of an iron tenon is embedded in the back.  34 cm OAH  $5,500 sculpture, Vespasian.jpg (66336 bytes)
12.  A superb antique Augustan marble bust thought to be either Gaius (20 A.D. - 4 A.D.) or Lucius (17 B.C. - 2 A.D.) Caesar, after a late 1st century B.C. original.  Both of these Roman princes, until their untimely deaths, were the heirs to Octavius Augustus Caesar (63 B.C. - 14 A.D.), their grandfather and adopted father.   For dynastic reasons, the portraiture of the Julio-Claudian princes was mingled with that of Augustus, and this ancient marble bust is often taken to be that of the Augustus, himself.  The prime was found at Ostia and is now on view in the Sala a Croce Greca of  the Vatican Museums.  57 cm OAH   $10,500 sculpture_Augustan_Prince.jpg (46497 bytes)
13.  An antique neoclassical sculpture rondo relief of Venus in profile, signed: A. Rousseau, 1881.  SOLD sculpture, Venus, relief, antique marble.jpg (93295 bytes)
14.  An antique neoclassical marble portrait bust in the realistic portrait style of the Roman Republic.  50cm OAH  $3,500 sculpture, neoclassical bust.jpg (51758 bytes)
15.  An antique sculpture bust of the Roman orator and statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero ( 106 B.C. - 54 B.C.).  The back is signed: L[eone]. Clerici / Roma 1875.  The Duke of Wellington purchased a ancient copy of a similar Roman Republic Cicero bust, in 1816, and it is now on display at Apsley House, the Duke's London home.  32cm OAH.  SOLD sculpture, Cicero.jpg (48349 bytes)
16.  A superb antique marble bust of  Venus Italica, after the neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova (1757 - 1822).  The prime full statue dates to ca. 1810, and it replaced the ancient  Medici Venus removed from the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, in 1802, by Napoleon.  The head is an idealized portrait of Princess Leopoldine von Esterházy, later von Liechtenstein (1788 - 1846).  59 cm OAH.  SOLD sculpture, bust, Venus Italica, Canova.jpg (38098 bytes)
17.  An antique marble relief of a putto resting after harvesting grain.  $1,250 sculpture, putto havesting.jpg (39345 bytes)
18.  An antique c. 2nd century A.D. alabaster part-bust of the Greco-Roman God Serapis, after a Hellenistic Age sculpture by Bryaxis.  The modius has been lost. sculpture, Serapis.jpg (73498 bytes)
19.  An antique neoclassical marble bust of Sir Walter Scott (1771 – 1832), after a clay bust made c. 1821 by the sculptor Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey (1781 - 1841).  The toga has a plaid pattern.  The detail of the carving suggests that this bust came from Chantrey's studio.  SOLD sculpture, Sir Walter Scott.jpg (52602 bytes)
20.  A very fine antique marble bust of Venus, probably carved c. 1840.  The bust is known as the Medici Venus after a Roman copy, now in the Uffizi collection, Florence,  of a Greek original.  $12,500 sculpture, Venus, American.jpg (53051 bytes)
21.  An antique marble copy of the so-called Psyche of Capua.  $1,250 sculpture, Psyche of Capua.jpg (25778 bytes)
22.  An antique marble bust of Socrates.  $6,500

sculpture, Socrates bust.jpg (44448 bytes)



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