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A very rare c. 1770 antique tourniquet with brass frame and original leather pads and woven linen strap.  This classic Revolutionary War period tourniquet is of the pattern found in Jean-Jacques Perret, L'Art du Coutelier, Paris, 1772.



A fine c. 1860 antique Petit spiral tourniquet, unmarked but made by Luer, Paris.



With a spiral Petit tourniquet in place on a patient's upper leg, a surgeon holds an amputation knife and is ready to remove a gangrene foot.  See Archives, p. 34, for more details about this antique surgery photograph.



A very scarce and unopened package of one dozen  field tourniquets put-up for the U.S. Army Hospital Department.  Past observations indicate that each Civil War tourniquet inside is also wrapped and marked.  A most desirable Civil War medical antique.



A c. 1860 U.S. Army pattern field tourniquet with brass and iron buckle.



amputation set, Rose and Sellers, 1820s.jpg (56288 bytes)

surgical set, ivory handles, four tiered, small, tourniquet, Tiemann, c. 1850s.jpg (58008 bytes)

surgical set, USAHD by Tiemann, case open.jpg (58007 bytes)



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