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Below is a listing of a few medical and scientific antiques that are currently for sale.  Please feel free to send an e-mail for additional details and to place an order.

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  15.  A c. 1848 antique amputation set by Snowden, Philadelphia, with a Civil War history of use in the Confederate States Army.  S.C Gleaves / 45th Rgt is scratch-engraved upon the lid brass cartouche. The antique Civil War surgical set belonged to Dr. Samuel Crockett Gleaves (1823-1890), of Wytheville, Virginia, an 1848 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.  Shortly after graduating, Gleaves establish a practice in Wytheville.  At the outbreak of the Civil War, Samuel C. Gleaves became the lead surgeon of the 45th Regiment Virginia Infantry, part of General John B. Floyd's Brigade, organized at Wytheville in May 1861.  For an extensive documentation of the life of Dr. Gleaves, please see the Gleaves Family Website (note the links at the bottom of the page).  Also associated with the surgical set are Confederate surgeons James A. Templeton, A.B. Fitzpatrick (1831-1906), Hobson Clark (1832-1905), Thomas Zadock Offutt (1829-1911), ? Carter, W.B. Robertson, and Barzilla H. Hoyt.  The antique Civil War surgical kit is complete.  SOLD

  16.   A c. 1860 ceramic antique phrenology bust by Lorenzo N. Fowler, 337 Strand, London. The address is that of Fowler's London publisher William Tweedie.  Prior to setting-up a permanent office in London on Fleet Street, in 1863, Fowler used Tweedie's establishment as the center of his English business.  This is a genuine early example of the iconic antique Fowler phrenology head.  ~11.5" tall.  $3,250



  17.  An early 19th century antique bloodletting bowl in pewter with volumetric interior rings.  The base is marked: PARIS.  26.5 cm long.  $675


  18.  A fine and scarce 16th century antique silver-mounted shagreen surgical and bloodletting instrument case.  Such distinctive shagreen boxes are associated with the United Company of Barber Surgeons as several bear the coat-of-arms of the London guild.  For one major example, please see this link.  The silver clasp is engraved:  J. Fowler / Stanton-Drew.  Fowler is an old family name in Stanton-Drew, and, certainly, it is a lineage that is contemporary in time and place with the 16th century case.  The small English village of Stanton-Drew is located 8 miles south of Bristol, in Somerset, and it appears in the Domesday Book of 1086.  The interior velvet lining bears the impression of the antique spectacles that were stored in the box during the 18th century.  SOLD



surgical_instrument_case_shagreen_with_silver_mounts_J._Fowler_Stanton-Drew_c._1680_front_angle.jpg (53157 bytes)

ophthalmic_spectacles_case_shagreen_with_silver_mounts_J._Fowler_Stanton-Drew_c._1680_open.jpg (141613 bytes)

ophthalmic_spectacles_case_shagreen_with_silver_mounts_J._Fowler_Stanton-Drew_c._1680_back.jpg (48976 bytes)


  19.  A high quality 19th century bronze bust of Hippokrates (Hippocrates), the Greek physician and Father of Medicine, sculpted by Pierre-Joseph Chardigny (1794-1866).  The portrait  is dated 1854, stands 13.5" tall with marble plinth, and weighs over 15 pounds.  $3,250

  20.  A very rare antique sciatic nerve compressor that warranted a book of its own written by the inventor...James Carrick Moore,  A Method of Preventing or Diminishing Pain in Several Operations of Surgery, London, 1784.  Click here to read the monograph.  For a brief biography of James Moore (1762-1834) and history of the Moore tourniquet, please see this reference: Thomas Dormandy,  The Worst of Evils: The Fight Against Pain, Yale, 2006.  Here is an unusual and little recognized artifact from the history of anesthesiology.  The portrait of Dr. Moore is in the collection of The National Galleries of Scotland.  $6.500

John Jackson, James Carrick Moore, 1762 / 1763 - 1834. Surgeon and associate of Edward Jenner




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