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Below is a listing of a few medical and scientific antiques that are currently for sale. Please feel free to send an e-mail  for additional details and to place an order.  

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  66.  A superb c. 1860 antique surgical set by John Weiss & Son, No. 62, Strand, and No.  287, Oxford Street, arguably the best instrument maker in London at the time.  Note that the Weiss name appears in relief on many of the pressed-horn handles; this feature is found on instruments illustrated in the 1863 Weiss catalogue and in Bennion, Plate I.  The selection of saws, knives, trephines, chisels, bone forceps, etc., favor orthopedic and neurologic (brain) surgery.  Two capital saws are present...the tenon saw was for arm and lower leg amputations, while the Dr. Butcher's saw, introduced in 1851, was designed for resectioning and hip amputation.  The 1863 Weiss catalogue presents a Marshall's Osteotribe, or Rosehead, for Necrosis...and a fine example is found in the set.  Also worthy of mention is the trephine's handle with delicately segmented finials.  SOLD

surgical set, Weiss, case exterior.jpg (71802 bytes)

surgical set, Weiss, case latch.jpg (85517 bytes)

surgical_set_Weiss_open_partition_in_place.jpg (92386 bytes)

surgical_set_Weiss_open_tray_in_place.jpg (105916 bytes)

surgical_set_Weiss_tray.jpg (123966 bytes)

surgical set, Weiss, open, lower section.jpg (114768 bytes)

surgical set, Weiss, full open.jpg (205288 bytes)

surgical_set_Weiss_the_two_capital_saws.jpg (62600 bytes)

surgical set, Weiss, tenon saw handle.jpg (93344 bytes)

surgical set, Weiss, tenon saw mark.jpg (31394 bytes)

surgical set, Weiss, Dr. Butcher's saw mark.jpg (29994 bytes)

surgical set, Weiss, metacarpal saw, mark on handle.jpg (95850 bytes)

surgical set, Weiss, mark of case 1.jpg (103052 bytes)

surgical set, Weiss, mark of case 2.jpg (50729 bytes)

surgical set, Weiss, Marshall's osteotribe.jpg (56403 bytes)

surgical_set_Weiss_trephine_detail.jpg (56054 bytes)

surgical_set_Weiss_surgeons_needles_face.jpg (121029 bytes)

surgical set, Weiss, surgeon's needles, back.jpg (76297 bytes)

surgical_set_Weiss_surgeons_needles.jpg (59412 bytes)

  67.  A Victorian antique microscope slide cabinet with 12 drawers.  Approximately 140 antique microscopical slides are present.  $2,800  



  68.   A pair of antique skin grafting scissors as invented in 1872 by Sir Thomas Bryant (1828-1914), surgeon of Guy's Hospital.  Dr. Bryant illustrates and describes the use of the instrument in his book  A Manual for the Practice of Surgery, 1873.  These rare antique dermatological surgical scissors are stored in their original case with the logo of the surgical instrument maker C. Wright & Co., London.  SOLD  

dermatology_Bryants_skin_grafting_scissors_Wright_London_in_case_edited-2.jpg (104898 bytes)

dermatology_Bryants_skin_grafting_scissors_Wright_London_edited-1.jpg (53226 bytes)

dermatology_Bryants_skin_grafting_scissors_Wright_London_detail_edited-1.jpg (47041 bytes)

dermatology_Bryants_skin_graftin_scissors_Practice_of_Surgery_1873_edited-1.jpg (47223 bytes)

  69.  A fine c. 1840 antique Staffordshire jug decorated with two hand-painted groups of flowers and numerous gold border flourishes. The front of the pitcher is signed in a fancy gold script: Surgeon Wilmot / SG.   The jug was probably a presentation piece to the the Irish surgeon Samuel Wilmot (1772-1848), who was twice President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland (1815 and 1832).  He resigned the position in 1848.  The SG of the inscription may represent St. Stephen's Green, a Dublin park (and surrounding road) on whose west side was located Dr. Wilmot's surgery (No. 120 West) and the then and now headquarters of the RCSI (No. 123 West).  The area is commonly referred to as just Stephen's Green.  Such Staffordshire jugs were a popular gift in the nineteenth century, and this dealer has seen one other that was given to a veterinary surgeon.  $475  

Staffordshire, Surgeon Wilmot pitcher, side view, c. 1840.jpg (132874 bytes)

Staffordshire, Surgeon Wilmot pitcher,  front, c. 1840.jpg (112805 bytes)


  70.   An English antique ear trumpet crafted of sterling silver and presenting clear hallmarks for Frank Wood, Sheffield, 1903.  This bespoke ear trumpet was made near the end of a long history of solid silver acoustic antique hearing aids.  While silver-plated ear trumpets are numerous, full-on sterling silver examples are rare.  SOLD



  71.  An antique c. 1840 Gould microscope by Cary, London.  $950




  72.  A rare c. 1880 surgeon's pocket knife containing six instruments,  including a bistoury, finger knife, Syme's abcess knife, scalpel, gum lancet, and director/probe.  Each instrument is marked by the maker:  ARNOLD / & SONS / LONDON.  Attached to one side of the grip horn slabs is a silver plate engraved with the name of the original owner:  E. Crundall.  $650  


  73.   A c. 1870 antique Flint's percussor by Tiemann, New York.  $275





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