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Below is a listing of a few medical and scientific antiques that are currently for sale. Please feel free to send an e-mail for additional details and to place an order.   

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158.  A remarkable Auzoux anatomical model of the tongue, throat,  larynx, and windpipe.  An Auzoux listing of the 1880s shows a Gigantic Larynx (twelve inches long)... and, sold separately but ...capable of being adjusted to the larynx..., a ...Tongue in the same proportion...  This papier-mâché model is 24 inches long overall, and it is a testament to the complexity of the best Auzoux écorché.  Louis Thomas Jerôme Auzoux (1797-1880), a French anatomist and physician, saw the need for highly accurate anatomical models, as an alternative to cadaver study, and founded, in the 1820s, a company to make them.  Due to the great care and attention to detail that went into their manufacture, hand-painted antique Auzoux  papier-mâché models are prized.  SOLD  

anatomical_model__Auzoux_mouth_tongue_overall_left.jpg (26691 bytes)

anatomical model,  Auzoux, mouth, tongue, left.jpg (127768 bytes)

anatomical model,  Auzoux, mouth, tongue, top left.jpg (113159 bytes)

anatomical_model__Auzoux_mouth_tongue_neck_right.jpg (46186 bytes)

anatomical model,  Auzoux, mouth, tongue, top left.2.jpg (122469 bytes)

anatomical_model__Auzoux_mouth_tongue_surface_off_inside.jpg (21597 bytes)

anatomical_model__Auzoux_mouth_tongue_overall_back.jpg (22565 bytes)


159.  A c. 1890 Aloe-type rectal speculum with wood handle.  SOLD

proctological, speculm, Aloe's.jpg (41958 bytes)

proctological, speculm, Aloe's, apart.jpg (39240 bytes)

160.  A  c. 1955 group autographed photograph of Chevalier Jackson, M.D. (1865-1958) and his staff.  an 1886 graduate of Jefferson medical College, Dr. Jackson became one of America's most renowned laryngologists.  He is credited with the invention of an esophagus scope and a bronchoscope.  He was on the faculty of Jefferson and the University of Pennsylvania.  SOLD  

photo, Chevalier Jackson.jpg (79050 bytes)


161.  A c. 1930 antique clinical thermometer by Becton & Dickinson, Rutherford, New Jersey.  The well-made silver case is marked STERLING.  $275

thermometer, oral with silver case, B&D.jpg (22819 bytes)




162.  A fine c. 1860 antique amputation set by H.G. Kern, Philadelphia.  This is a classic Civil War surgical set as commonly used by regimental surgeons on both sides of the American Civil War.  The antique surgical instruments are in excellent condition.  SOLD,%20antique%20amputation%20civil%20war%20set%20Kern,%20case,.jpg,%20antique%20amputation%20civil%20war%20set%20H.G.%20Kern,%20case%20open.jpg,%20antique%20amputation%20civil%20war%20set%20H.G.%20Kern,%20all%20open.jpg


163.  A c. 1860s antique bloodletting scarificator by Leypoldt, Philadelphia.  American made scarificators are rare.  $425

164.  A c. 1850 antique fairing of newlyweds in bed.  The piece is captioned: Shall we sleep first or now?  The fairing was made for the English market by Conta & Boehme, in Possneck, Germany, and it bears the incised serial number 2859 from early in their first series.  This wonderful commentary on Victorian sexual mores pokes fun at a proper and inexperienced couple's first night of marriage.  SOLD  

fairing, Victorian newlyweds.jpg (82394 bytes)

fairing, Victorian newlyweds, detail.jpg (78087 bytes)

fairing, Victorian newlyweds, caption.jpg (46868 bytes)


165.   A fine silver medal awarded by the School of Medicine Edinburgh to George Sinclair for the first prize in General Pathology, 1880-81 session.  Dr. J.B. Buist was the lecturer.  A monumental staff of Asklepios (Aesculapius) is featured on the reverse.   The rim is stamped: 87 PERCENT [SILVER CONTENT].  The diameter is 4.8 cm.  $475
166.  An 18th century antique wrought iron bloodletting fleam.  $175  


167.   A c. 1850 antique vaccination pocketknife.  SOLD






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