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Below is a listing of a few medical and scientific antiques that are currently for sale. Please feel free to send an e-mail for additional details and to place an order. 

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  82.   A well-made sterling silver Gibson's patent medicine spoon with the upper handle hand-engraved: C. Gibson, Inventor, / 1 Bishopsgate St. Wenthian.  The Gibson medicine spoon was invented by Charles Gibson in 1827;  he was given a Society of Arts award  for its design in 1828.  To read an 1842 description of this special spoon, please see this link (bottom of p. 377 and the top of p. 378).  Note that one advantage offered by Gibson's medicine spoon was the placement of bad tasting medicines, such as castor oil, to the back of the tongue and beyond the taste buds.  The London hallmarks are those of Charles Gibson, himself, and date the antique medicine spoon to 1828, which is also the year that his silver mark was registered on 21 February.  The Gibson spoon was made by various companies over the next 100 years, but here is an outstanding example by the inventor in an early year of production.  $1,750

  83.  A scarce antique dental forceps-key extractor marked: BAKER & RILEY / PATENTED 1845 // J. FENTON / COLUMBUS [OHIO].  The instrument is a combination of the attributes of the an extracting forceps and a toothkey.  Squeezing the grip controls the claw, an action which must be done with a finger to the claw on a regular toothkey.  On 8 November 1845 John Wilson Baker and William Willshire Riley, both of Columbus, were issued patent number 4,261 for an Instrument for Extracting Teeth.  This dealer is aware of only one other example of a Baker and Riley patented dental forceps-key.  The dental instrument maker John Fenton was active in Columbus from 1843 to 1863, as cited in Edmonson, p. 250.  SOLD


dental, forceps key, Baker and Riley, 1845.jpg (47877 bytes)

dental, forceps key, Baker and Riley, 1845, mark.jpg (84831 bytes)

dental, forceps key, Baker and Riley, 1845, Fenton mark.jpg (65027 bytes)


  84.  A remarkable antique doctor's paperweight embellished with numerous medical attributes...a skull and thigh bone; two open to an illustration of the chest; a monaural stethoscope; a percussor; a pleximeter; a sandglass timer; a head band speculum; a quill; a scroll; laurel leaves; all topped by a staff of Asklepios with intertwined snake.  The base of the antique medical paperweight is a reddish variegated marble.  SOLD

doctor's paperweight, antique_edited-1.jpg (97886 bytes)

doctor's paperweight, antique.1_edited-1.jpg (86436 bytes)

  85.  A very scarce c. 1800 model eye.   One of the most desirable ophthalmic and anatomical antiques.  $1,950 

ophthalmic, model eye, ivory, apart.jpg (39386 bytes)

  86. Kalogynomia or the Laws of Female Beauty: Being the Elementary Principles of That Science, T. Bell, M.D.   London:  J.J. Stockdale, 1821.  First edition.  $750  

  87.  A 19th century antique Flint's percussor by Tiemann, New York.  The double-ended head is natural rubber.  The percussor is named after Dr. Austin Flint, Sr. (1812-1886), who is known as the American Laennec and the first American cardiologist.  $145 


  88.   J. Julian Chisolm, A Manual of Military Surgery for the Use of Surgeons in the Confederate States Army.  2nd ed.   514 pp.   Richmond: West & Johnson, 1862. Chisolm (1830-1903) was the foremost surgeon in the Confederacy, and his important military surgery manual went through three editions. This Civil War book is signed and dated by the original owner: T[homas] D. Stokes and June 7th 1862. Dr. Stokes (1817-1886) was born in Caswell Co, North Carolina, and practiced and died in Danville, Virginia. He was an 1839 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. This Confederate manual is in fine condition and has its original binding, medical forms, and foldout.  SOLD

  89.   A fine quality early 19th century antique naturalist's microscope with its original case.  The antique fleaglass microscope is complete and in excellent condition.  $675




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