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Below is a listing of a few medical and scientific antiques that are currently for sale.  Please feel free to send an e-mail for additional details and to place an order.

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  21.  A superb patent 1897 antique Bausch & Lomb monocular microscope with two oculars, three objectives and cells, a triple turret, a substage condenser and diaphragm, and well-constructed wood case.  The pillar, barrel, and coarse and fine adjustment controls are brass with a clear lacquer finish.  This fine antique microscope appears to have been little used.  $1,000

microscope_Bausch__Lomb_1897_patent_1.jpg (22469 bytes)

  22.  A fine Georgian antique dental hygiene set with silver toothbrush, toothpowder box with double-hinged lid, and tongue scraper contained within a leather two-piece case.  The silver hallmarks are for William Pitts, London, 1791.  $1,950


dental_hygiene_set_toothbrush_toothpowder_container_tongue_scraper_antique_Gerogian_silver_William_Pitts_London_1791_P1020863_3_edited-1.jpg (24110 bytes)

dental_hygiene_set_toothbrush_toothpowder_container_tongue_scraper_antique_Gerogian_silver_William_Pitts_London_1791jpg.jpg (134861 bytes)


  23.  A fine Civil War antique minor surgery set by D.W. Kolbe, Philadelphia.  The set belonged to Dr. Theophilus H. Turner (1841-1869), Civil War surgeon and paleontologist.  SOLD



  24.  An oil on canvas mid-18th century painting of a doctor holding a skull.  The doctor tilts the skull to show its underside to the viewer as if remarking on details of the human skull.  The c. 1750 portrait is of Dr. Gerard van Swieten (1700-1772).  Van Swieten was a student of Hermann Boerhaave (1668-1738) and he compiled a 5 volumes Commentaria in Hermanni Boerhaave Aphorismos de Cognoscendis et Curandis Morbis, which were based upon over 20 years of notes taken while attending Boerhaave's medical lectures.  In 1745 Dr. van Swieten was appointed the personal physician to Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (1717-1780).  Dr. van Swieten is known to Dracula enthusiasts as the doctor who investigated the legitimacy of vampires in Moravia.  The Dr. Abraham van Helsing character in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula is loosely based upon van Swieten.  The medal dates to 1756, about the same time as the portrait.  The marble bust of Gerhard van Swieten is in the Austrian National Library, Vienna, and was sculpted c. 1770.  The photo of the bust is courtesy of Politikaner.  The Gerard van Swieten painting is ex New York Academy of Medicine.  POR  


portrait, doctor physician holding a skull, WP.jpg (76633 bytes)

medal, Gerard van Swieten, von Wideman, Vienna, 1756, obverse.jpg (119566 bytes)


  25.   A very rare antique bourdaloue (female chamberpot) in silver with original leather case.  Both the antique coach pot bourdaloue and case display the British royal coronet of four crosses-patée and four fleurs-de-lis alternately Or (only three crosses and two fleurs-de-lis visible) and the letters L F, which crossover one another.  According to the College of Arms, London, the cipher is that of Her Royal Highness Princess Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, Duchess of Fife (1867-1931).  She was the eldest daughter of King Edward VII, and, in 1905, she was created The Princess Royal.  For her biography, please see this link.  It is highly unusual for such a piece of royal silver to be offered.  $8,500

    26.   A c. 1850 antique écraseur by Charrière, Paris, cased in its original box.   The steel is unplated and the handle is ebony.  This model of an antique chain écraseur is of Charrière's own design.  $1,250



  27.    A rare c. 1880s antique Denison's binaural stethoscope with small and large bells.  $1,950




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