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stethoscope, binaural, Cammann, Davis Improved.jpg (51739 bytes)

A c. 1880 Davis' Improved Cammann binaural stethoscope.



An antique eyecup made from horn.



A c. 1890 antique anesthesia inhaler made by The Holborn Surgical Instrument Company, London.



A c. 1820 antique dental toothkey with bow-shaped horn handle and cut-work on the steel shaft.




A rare c. 1860 pewter vaginal douche with anthropomorphic nozzle. The instrument is pictured in Henry Smith, M.D., The Principles and Practice of Surgery, 1863, Vol. II, pl. LVIII, fig. 20. The caption reads: Chase's vaginal syringe. Shield to close the vulva and assist in retaining the injection.



A c. 1860 tintype photograph of, apparently, a doctor or homeopath handing a medicine bottle to a patient.



A c. 1880 Brun's perineal needle suturing set by Aloe, St. Louis.  There are two needles that screw on to a common handle.  Some original silver wire suture is included.  See Aloe, 6th ed., p. 538 and 539, fig. 8343. 



ent, nasal -ear douche_edited-1.jpg (31233 bytes)

An antique hard rubber laryngeal and posterior nares (nasal passages) syringe (douche).   See Tiemann, p. 210, fig. 2182.



A rare Civil War Union soldier doll made by a hospitalized soldier and original envelope inscribed: Made by a wounded Soldier /  while on a cot in a Hospital / in Philadelphia, at the time / of the Civil War. 1862 / M.B.H.  The doll is 5" high and has a carved vegetable ivory (?) head with glass eyes.  Such dolls were made in an effort to occupy the time of soldiers' convalescence and to raise money for their benefit.  



A c. 1862 albumen photograph signed Dr. A. S. Elwood, Surgeon 40th / Iowa Infantry. Dr. Azariah S. Elwood is shown in the full regalia of a newly appointed assistant surgeon.  Note the plumed-Hardy hat with M.S. badge, the model 1840 Medical Staff sword, and the sash across his chest (worn in this manner to indicate that he is the officer of the day).  The 40th Iowa was organized in Monroe, Iowa, and took part in Grant's Vicksburg Campaign.  The photographer's backmark is of J.B. Hall, Monroe.  This is a terrific Civil War medical photograph. 



An exquisite sterling silver antique hearing aid made by Phipps and Robinson, London, 1810.    The instrument is 9 inches long and in very fine condition.  Bennion, in Antique Hearing Devices, shows another silver hearing aid (hallmarked in 1811) from Phipps and Robinson.  The trumpet is an example of antique medical silver at its best. 



A fine c. 1910 albumen photograph of  New York's Bellevue Hospital amphitheater.  In the arena to the left, with hands in pockets, is Dr. George Washington Crile (1864-1943), innovative surgeon, student of blood pressure and shock, and a founder of the Cleveland Clinic.  The doctor near the patient's bed is believed to be Lewis Stephen Pilcher, M.D. ( 18451934), who served for 50 years as the first editor of the Annals of Surgery.  Note the student in the gallery who is holding a stethoscope. 



A magnificent set of c. 1820-40 Old Paris porcelain portrait antique apothecary jars.  The jar to the left has the profile bust of Hippokrates (Hippocrates) and that on the right shows Galen, both physicians from the Ancient World.  The heads are represented as carved marble busts.  These antique pharmacy vases a devanture are monumental and stand 28" high.  The side handles are highly modeled ram's heads and the lid finials are pinecones.   A scarce and monumental set of antique pharmacy show  jars.




A pair of c. 1850 antique dental stump extractors.  Both instruments have ebony handles and the upper example is marked: CODMAN & SHURTLEFF [Boston]. 



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