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surgical set, Columbian Exposition, Tiemann, saws.jpg (25261 bytes)

A  large antique surgical general operating set made for the 1892-1893 World's Columbian Exposition (Chicago World's Fair of 1893) by George Tiemann, New York.  The brass lid cartouche is engraved: The World’s / Columbian Exposition. / Medical Bureau. 



A silver antique medicine spoon with English hallmarks for London 1861.  There is an attractive bit of decorative work on the handle. 



A  set of c. 1855 antique obstetrical instruments by Otto & Koehler, New York, with the well-worn original red leather roll-up.  The instruments include an  obstetric forceps (similar to Elliot's of 1858 but not having the pin spacing feature), a Smellie's perforator, a double crotchet, a placenta forceps, a lever, and a curved scissors.  All but the latter are marked by the maker.  The partnership of Otto & Koehler was in business from 1853 to 1860.   See Edmonson, p. 227.  For an OB set by Otto & Sons, the 1890's permutation of the company, go to the Archives



A c. 1880 antique Burrows' monaural stethoscope that incorporates a rare percussion rubber ring as shown in a Maw catalogue.  The percussor rubber ring fits into a groove around the edge of the thickened ear-plate. This a superb example of a very desirable antique stethoscope. 



A c. 1880 complete antique ophthalmoscope set with ivory handle and 7 lenses.  The leather lid of the case is gold-stamped: LIEBREICH'S OPHTHALMOSCOPE.



A superb and decorative c. 1850 antique phrenology bust made in Seville, Spain.  The sentiments are all in Spanish.  The bust is life-size and stands 15 inches high.  A most desirable phrenology antique.



dental, toothkey, Todd's patent 1846, detail.jpg (39530 bytes)

An exceeding rare antique American mechanical toothkey marked: H. TODD'S / PATENT 1846.  The key features a rocker arm that opens and closes the claw.  The rosewood handle has mother-of-pearl inserts on each end.  There is nothing similar in Bennion to this most intriguing and important American dental antique. 



A c. 1910 antique Dr. Roth-Dräger anesthesia inhaler,  Drägerwerk, Lübeck, Germany.  For an informative history of the Dräger company, please see this link.



A  fine c. 1830 antique neurosurgical trephine with ivory handle.  The slots in the crown blade were thought to ease the clogging of the trephine caused by the mixture of bone dust and blood.  Unmarked, but by Alexander Still, an Edinburgh maker active from the late 1700s to the 1830s.



An antique amputation saw with checked-ivory grip.  The center of the bow frame is marked:  A.M. LESLIE & Co.  Located in St. Louis, the surgical instrument maker Andrew M. Leslie was active from 1856 to 1891.



 c. 1900 antique Ford's bell stethoscope with bell marked:  GENUINE / FORD.



A c. 1880 antique circumcision guard marked:  KROHNE & SESEMANN / LONDON.  The antique circumcision shield has a highly decorative silhouette.  The London surgical instrument and appliance maker Krohne and Sesemann was in business from c. 1860 until 1926.  Antique circumcision instruments are scarce.



A fine c. 1860s antique clinical thermometer with ivory scale and original case.  This interesting diagnostic instrument is known as an axilla (armpit) thermometer.  The backside of the ivory is marked: LEACH & GREENE / BOSTON.  The medical instrument maker Leach & Greene was in business from 1862 to 1900.  See Edmonson, p. 198.



A Civil War stereoview photograph titled:  Bringing in the Wounded. 



bandage_roller_Codman__Shurtleff.jpg (78932 bytes)

An antique bandage roller by Codman & Shurtleff, Boston.  The apparatus attaches to a table edge.



forensic_Bertillon_calipers.2.jpg (29710 bytes)

A rare Alphonse Bertillon (1853-1914) calipers that were used to measure the head for criminal identification.  The scale on the Bertillon's system  anthropometric calipers  measures from 12 to 22 cm.   The record of measurements was kept on a special card with photographs of the subject, and the record shown here is that of Bertillon, himself.  For more details on the Bertillonage system and Bertillon instruments, please click here.  In passing, Sherlock Holmes mentions Bertillon in The Naval Treaty (1893), and his name also appears early in The Hound of the Baskervilles (1902).



An antique Liston amputation knife with dismountable ivory handle.  The surgical knife is 12" long and the blade is marked by George Tiemann, New York.


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