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A complete set of c. 1890 antique obstetrical instruments by F.G. Otto & Sons, New York, with original leather pouch.  The instruments include an Elliott's obstetric forceps, a Simpson's perforator, a Meig's craniotomy forceps, a double crotchet, a Hall's perineum needle, and a Stone's canulated needle.   See  Edmonson, p. 227.



A c. 1880 photograph inscribed along the bottom:  A special operation after the clinic hour.  Jefferson [Medical College] Hospital [Philadelphia].  A matching view of the same operating theater, but photographed from the opposite side, is reproduced in Rutkow, Surgery, An Illustrated History, p. 513, fig. 336.



A very rare Civil War hospital steward's diary for the full year of 1864.  Hospital Steward Horace Phillips (d. 1922), of the 4th Minnesota Infantry,  was stationed at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri, and Ft. Snelling, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Every page is filled with comments about topics such as amputations, prescriptions, and the various duties of a hospital steward.  The diary is a remarkable primary source for Civil War medical care, and it is the most detailed year-long contemporary medical account from the Civil War that this dealer has encountered.




A dated 1858 quarter-plate ambrotype of Jesse Williams Page, M.D. (1820-1888).  Dr. Page was born in Maine and practiced in North Carolina, Maryland, and New York.  His medical degree was gained at the University of Maryland in 1848.  During the Civil War, Page served as the inspector for the Sanitary Commission in the Department of North Carolina and Virginia.  Noted for his work in treating Yellow Fever, there are two citations to him in the Medical & Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion.


A pair of c. 1880 vaginal retractors by Katsch, Munich.  The one to the left has a flat blade, while other's blade is semi-circular.  The handle scales are ebony. 


A c. 1860 Flint's percussor with hard rubber handle embossed: G. Tiemann & Co.  See  Tiemann 1889, p. 7, fig. 1050.


A c. 1850 capital amputation saw with pressed-horn handle embossed W&H HUTCHINSON SHEFFIELD / INSTRUMENT / MAKER / TO THE ROYAL NAVY.  The handle is also decorated in raised-relief with the English queen's crown (Victoria) surrounded by the monarch's emblems of the lion and unicorn.  This is a high quality antique surgical saw.



A c. 1880 antique ear trumpet made of tin with a black and gold tone finish.  The body of the ear horn is a series of soldered doughnut-shaped segments.  The bulbous segments were designed to further amplify sound.  This type of antique hearing device is identified as a Corrugated Ear Trumpet in the George Tiemann 1889 catalogue, p. 189, fig. 2034.



A c. 1850 antique trephine with ebony handle.  The slots in the crown blade were thought to ease the clogging of the trephine caused by the mixture of bone dust and blood.



  A c. 1880 antique hypodermic syringe with two needles and original case.



A Yankauer anesthesia inhaler with original cotton absorbent gauze.



A c. 1860 antique amputation saw with ebonized-wood handle.  This is an iconic saw of the American Civil War.



vaccination, ivory vaccinating points.jpg (31838 bytes)

Antique ivory vaccinating points for immunization against smallpox.



An interesting medicine spoon with a reminder clock dial and hour hand incorporated into the handle.  A patent for the design was issued to James Wilson, of Philadelphia , in 1897.  This silver-plated spoon was made by the Wilson Spoon Co.


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