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A c. 1870 part-surgical set by Kuhlman, Detroit.  The kit includes antique surgical instruments for amputation and neurosurgery.



anatomical model,  Auzoux, head, 1855, full profile.jpg (107513 bytes)

anatomical_model__Auzoux_head_1855_close_up.jpg (69284 bytes)

A scarce signed and dated 1855 antique anatomical model of the human head by Auzoux.  The model is oversized (18" OAH) and termed greatly enlarged by Auzoux.  The half of a human head is quite detailed and dramatic.  First generation French Auzoux anatomical models are very desirable.



A c. 1870 carte-de-visite of Gustav Carl Eduard Weber, M.D. (1828-1912), seminal figure in Cleveland medicine, Ohio's surgeon general during the Civil War, and professor and dean at the medical departments of both the University of Wooster and the Western Reserve University.  Late in life, Dr. Weber donated his medical and surgical instruments to the Cleveland Medical Library Association.  This collection, now housed in the Howard Dittrick Museum of Historical Medicine, Case Western, was the subject of a monograph written by James Edmonson, curator at the museum.  The CDV is autographed in Dr. Weber's hand and has a Cleveland photographer's backmark.  For additional biographical information, please see this link



An American Civil War date emerald green Union army surgeon's sash.  The sash belonged to Surgeon Francis D. Morris of the 35th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  The wear to the sash is consistent with use in the field.  An old typed identification label and a ribbon from the regiment's 51st reunion, held in Hamilton, Ohio, in 1915, are included.  The unit saw action in the major battles of Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Atlanta Campaign.  For a history of the regiment, please click here.



A Jobse's bandage roller (winder) patented in 1893 with clamp to attach to a table's edge.



A superbly carved late nineteenth/early twentieth century genuine elephant ivory Chinese doctor’s lady.  According to the Wellcome Medical Museum, an ivory doctor’s lady was taken by a servant to the doctor as an aid in indicating an illness of the mistress. Other sources indicate that doctors, themselves, would bring such a medical doll when making a house call. During the Ch’ing Dynasty (1644-1912), a doctor could not directly examine a female patient. Similar doctor's dolls are on display in the Wellcome. 




An 1850-51 session lecture ticket issued to Charles Carothers for a class on theory and practice of medicine and physical diagnosis at the Medical Department, Western Reserve College, Cleveland.  Also belonging to Carothers is this 1851 diploma from the Cleveland Medical Lyceum, Western Reserve College.  Carothers served as a Civil War surgeon.



A brass-framed antique Petit spiral tourniquet.



A fine c. 1820 pewter antique bedpan with the hallmarks of Samuel Cocks, London. The ornate handle unscrews for pouring.



stethoscope, monaural, Dobell's, earplate percussor.jpg (38230 bytes)

stethoscope, monaural, earplate percussor, detail.jpg (38747 bytes)

A fine c. 1860 antique stethoscope with a percussor ring built into the earplate.  The wood of this antique monaural Dobell's stethoscope has a handsome grain and finish.


An elaborately hand-embroidered velvet antique dental pouch.  Slots along each end were made to hold dental instruments, and  many of the original tools are present in the upper section.  The name Dr. Chas Leidig. is stitched at the bottom right.  According to the Leidig family, Dr. Charles Leidig practiced dentistry in the 1890s.  Later in life he worked for the Oliver Typewriter Company and lived in Woodstock, Illinois.  This is a wonderful piece of American Victoriana. 



A c. 1860 antique neurosurgical trephine with horn handle.  The sliding centering pin is in proper working order. 



An unusual clear glass c. 1900 male antique urinal that has an attractive wheel-engraved floral decoration on the body. A glass handle has been applied at the neck. The base is embossed: MADE IN U.S.A. Very high quality and perfect.


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