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An exquisite set of four antique bloodletting thumb lancets in their original red morocco leather case.  The interior of the case is gold stamped:  REAY & ROBINSON  / 17 CHURCH STREET / LIVERPOOL.  The maker was in business from 1831 to 1851.  Three of the lancets are also marked by Reay & Robinson. 



A c. 1860 U.S. Army pattern field tourniquet with brass and iron buckle.



A cushion shape disk pessary by Ideal.  The disk is much thicker and actually cushion-shaped, opposed to the more typical thin and convex disk.  The wishbone IUD is marked 14K gold and it comes with its original box.



A c. 1900 photograph of the operating theater at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.




A superb and highly realistic c. 1880 anatomical wax model of the left side of the head and neck in dissection. The blood vessels, nerves, muscles, eye, teeth, and some bone structure are shown in great detail and in color. The model was made in Germany and comes with its original case. Such wax models are considered to be the best quality and they were the most difficult to make. 



A fine c. 1870 aspirating/embalming/injecting/transfusion set by Meyer & Meltzer, London.   The pump and fittings are brass.




A c. 1880 Burrows' monaural stethoscope with original India rubber percussor ring at the earplate.  See  Tiemann 1889, p. 5, fig. 1027. 



photo, CDV, Isreal P. Lecrone, M.D., with skull.jpg (111601 bytes)

photo, CDV, Isreal P. Lecrone, M.D.jpg (92687 bytes)

Israel Philip Lecrone, M.D. (b. 1849), posed with dissection instruments and a skull.  Note that the doctor is wearing a rubberized apron of the autopsy room.  The second CDV is a more formal pose.  Dr. Lecrone was an 1871 graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and he practiced in Arendtsville, Pennsylvania.  Both CDVs carry Philadelphia photographic studio backmarks.


An interesting Victorian Miss Greene hearing horn covered with crocheted black cover.  The tin antique ear trumpet is jappaned and the ear tip is hard rubber.  To find a 19th century antique Miss Greene ear trumpet with such a wrap is unusual.



A superbly made Tanier's axial traction obstetric forceps as introduced in 1881.  This OB instrument was made by Collin, Paris, and has horn scales on the handles.  The the transverse traction handle is rosewood.  The original leather storage purse is included.  Dr. Etienne S. Tanier (1828-1897), the inventor, was chief surgeon and director of the Maternite of Paris.  See Das, pp. 484-496, fig. 587. 



A c. 1860 set of three actual cautering irons by Luer, Paris. 



A Hewlett Packard Rappaport Sprague binaural stethoscope with its original box and all the accessories, including the manual dated 1990.   The stethoscope is in pristine condition. 



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