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An antique anatomical model of the human heart by Auzoux, Paris.  This over life-size écorché is highly realistic, as one expects from Auzoux, and it is the finest 19th century model of the heart.  Louis Thomas Jerôme Auzoux (1797-1880), a French anatomist and physician, saw the need for highly accurate anatomical models, as an alternative to cadaver study, and founded, in the 1820s, a company to make them.  Due to the great care and attention to detail that went into their manufacture, hand-painted antique Auzoux  papier-mâché models are prized.



A c. 1850 antique dental file carrier with ivory handle. 



autograph, Denton A. Cooley, 1985.jpg (29395 bytes)

The autograph of Denton A. Cooley, M.D. (1920-2016), a graduate of Johns Hopkins and a noted cardiovascular surgeon, on his business card.



An exceedingly rare first generation 1840s antique anesthesia chloroform inhaler hand-engraved:  LÜER, / à Paris.  //  DÉPOSÉ.  The instrument is made of tin and the padded surround is leather stuffed with horse (?) hair.  Note the compartment on the interior side which would have held a chloroform-soaked sponge.  There are two rather simple one-way ball valves that allow air flow into and out of the mask.  A French text on anesthesia, printed in 1850, illustrates and describes this very inhaler.  To my knowledge, there is no other surviving example of this early Lüer inhaler. 



dental, tooth doll, good side.jpg (77077 bytes)

dental, tooth doll, cavity side.jpg (75820 bytes)

A c. 1930s educational dental tooth doll.  One side shows a smiling healthy tooth, while the other side features a grimacing cavity tooth.



A very high quality c. 1860 antique resection chain saw with ebony handles.  See Weiss 1863, pl. III, fig. 7.



A c. 1860 all-purpose brass medical pump by Ferguson, London.  The shaped nozzle is ribbed to better secure tubing.  The barrel carries the British Royal crest and retains its original lacquer finish. 



A c. 1950s Becton, Dickinson binaural stethoscope with two interchangeable chestpieces.  One, a Ford's bell, has it's original box.  The other, a Fleischer, has a removable and self-storing rod for localized sounds.  Both chestpieces attach to the stethoscope by a twist-lock. 



A c. 1850 antique neurosurgical trephine set by Martin Kuemerle, Philadelphia.  This brain surgical set is complete and all the instruments are original to it.  Note the fine bluing to the steel of the straight-sided steel crowns.  See Edmonson, p. 255. 



 A fine c. 1860 antique Petit spiral tourniquet, unmarked but made by Luer, Paris.



A gilt brass Confederate States Navy coat button which, according to an identifying tag dated 1894, belonged to Surgeon Bennett Wood Green (d. 1913), Charlottesville, Virginia.  Passed Assistant Surgeon Wood appears in a photo of some former C.S.N. officers of the C.S.S. Shenandoah taken at Lemingtom Spa, England, in the autumn of 1865.  He is standing the second from the left.  The button was made by Firmin & Sons, London, an outfitter to the Confederate navy, and it is catalogued in Albert as CS52 A.



diagnostic, percussor in case, Hilliard.jpg (85970 bytes)

diagnostic, percussor in case, Hilliard, mark.jpg (43780 bytes)

An antique cased diagnostic percussor by Hilliard, Edinburgh



saw, amputation, c. 1820.jpg (35879 bytes)

A c. 1820 antique amputation saw with ebony handle.



A fine Civil War date antique medicine bottle that is embossed: U.S.A. / HOSP. DEPT.  The aqua-colored U.S. Army Hospital Department bottle stands 7.5 inches tall and it has a wide mouth. 



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