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A  c. 1860  antique amputation and trephination surgical set by Louis V. Helmolt, Philadelphia.  Note the well-fashioned ebony handle of the capital amputation saw.  The trephines are the conical Galt pattern, and the tourniquet has a brass frame.  The antique surgical knives and saws in this classic Civil War surgical set are in superb condition.    See Edmonson, p. 254.




An attractive 19th century English antique phrenology bust, possibly made by Derby porcelain.  The high quality phrenology head is modeled upon the phrenologists Gall and Combe busts seen in their respective publications of the 1820s and '30s.  30cm high.



A hand-illustrated page of  two Ottoman Turk  dentists and patients.  An assistant is working bellows.  Note the use of a bow-drill in the lower figures.  The turbans are magnificent...very decorative facsimile!



A pair of early 19th century eye specula of silver and ivory.  Both of these antique ophthalmic instruments are very well-made and were used during cataract surgery.



A well-made c. 1830 ebony and ivory antique vaginal douche.




An antique pharmacy pill machine (roller) made of mahogany and brass.



An early twentieth century model eye used to practice the use of the ophthalmoscope and evaluate eye diseases. The apparatus was designed by William A. Fisher in 1907. Dr. Fisher (1859-1944) was president of the Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat College. The model comes with twelve inserts of twenty-four fundus illustrations (two normal, two congenital, and twenty pathological). See The Ophthalmic Record (Chicago), 1907, pp. 111-113. 



A fine c. 1880 antique hypodermic syringe set by Mathieu, Paris.  The set includes two needles and a bundle of wire clean-outs that are stored in a lid compartment.  Pocket antique syringe sets such as this were often used for self-administered morphine.




An Elgin antique doctor's watch with red-tipped second hand and large minute scale.   The dial, movement, and the 10K gold-filled case are signed Elgin.  The serial number 35489631 on the 15 jewel movement indicates that this antique doctor's watch was made in 1934.  Known as the Osler doctor's watch, this Art Deco masterpiece was named after Sir William Osler, M.D.  (1849-1919).  The tried-and-true method of checking the pulse rate per minute was to count pulsations over a fixed interval, usually 15 seconds, and multiply the count by four.  An easy to read second dial and hand, as found in this vintage Osler doctor's wristwatch, are essential.



An antique capital amputation saw by Wade & Ford, New York.  The saw is in very fine condition and the handle is ebony.



A c. 1840 antique monaural stethoscope with an unusually bulbous and deep bell.



A fine USA made 1989 Hewlett Packard Rappaport Sprague stethoscope with its original shipping and inner boxes.  All the accessories, including the manual, are present.  The body of the double chestpiece is marked:  RAPPAPORT / SPRAGUE / STETHOSCOPE // HEWLETT / PACKARD /  USA.  The binaural stethoscope set is in unused and pristine condition.



15.  A c. 1860 clinical thermometer with ivory scale and original case.  This antique thermometer is in perfect condition.



A pair of c. 1880 antique Anderson's obstetrical forceps with original chamois leather covers.  The handles are ebony.  See Hibbard, p. 96, fig. 6.31.



stethoscope, binaural, Allen and Hanburys.jpg (37822 bytes)

A c. 1930 binaural stethoscope by Allen & Hanburys, London.



saddle bags, medical, Stephens' patent 1885.jpg (81098 bytes)

saddle bags, medical, Stephens' patent 1885, open.jpg (74606 bytes)

A pair of Stephens' patent 1885 antique medical saddlebags with 28 original bottles.  The set was used by John Francis Duncan, M.D., of McShan, Alabama.  Dr. Duncan  (d. 1921) was an 1878 graduate of the Medical College of Alabama. 


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