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chatelaine, Matron Sarah Taylor, 1879-1965.jpg (107045 bytes)

A c. 1900 antique nurse's leather wallet with various instruments, including a thermometer, a timer, a tongue blade, syringe (less needle), combination ear scoop and director, and bandage and tissue forceps.   The medical wallet is featured in the Arnold & Sons, London, catalogue of 1904, p. 114, fig. 334.  The set belonged to Sarah Taylor (1879-1965), shown here seated at center in a c. 1930 photo thought to have been taken on the grounds of the Ulverston Hospital, near Barrow-in-Furness, Cumberland.



A Denoyer Geppert anatomical model of the eye.  This 1990 hand-painted model is complete and has five separate parts to it.



An antique pharmacy pill machine (roller) made of mahogany and brass.   The original lift-out tray is present.  A classic apothecary antique pill maker with a great and honest patina.



stethescope, monaural, hard rubber.jpg (30739 bytes)

A c. 1880 hard rubber antique monaural stethoscope.



A very rare antique bloodletting fleam by James Gibbs, London.  The silver frame is beautifully engraved: J. WILLIAMS 1773.  The main part of the original shagreen case survives.  As a dated instrument, the fleam offers a benchmark in dating other similar instruments.


An August 1792 handwritten notification from William Smith, a Boston overseer, to Dr. [John] Warren to attend Mr. Benjamin Trask family at the expense of the town. Warren (1753-1815) was a noted surgeon of Boston and the Revolution, and a founder of Harvard Medical School in 1782.


A c. 1900 antique chloroform Esmarch's drop bottle by D. Simal, Paris.  The convex side of the glass is engraved with volume markers from 0 to 100 grams.


A c. 1860 tintype of William Johnson Turner,  Smyth County, Virginia.  Turner was involved with medicine in the war, working as a Confederate hospital steward in Richmond and Chattanooga, and he served  as a druggist at Petersburg for a period in 1864.  He took medical classes at the Medical College of Virginia that same year.  Turner originally enlisted in the famous "Bloody Half Hundred" - the 50th Virginia Infantry - when it was assembled at Wytheville as part of Gen. Floyd's Brigade.  Several companies then became part of the 8th Virginia Cavalry, CSA, which has been called one of the "fightingest" units of the entire Confederate army.



A Colt model 1862 police pocket revolver with matching serial numbers 2799.  The backstrap is jeweler engraved: Presented to / J. Allan Ramsay MD Surgeon 3rd Brigade P.V. / by his Friends.  Dr. Josiah Allan Ramsey (1829-1873) of Philadelphia served in the 121st Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry from the late summer of 1861 to June 1865.



gout footrest, angle.jpg (60983 bytes)

A c. 1860 gout footrest with original fabric.



hearing aid, Tiemann, hard rubber, wb.jpg (37507 bytes)

hearing aid, Tiemann, hard rubber, wb, mark.jpg (43457 bytes)

An antique ear trumpet made from molded hard rubber by Tiemann & Co., New York.


An attractive 18th century hand-engraved copperplate print of three tourniquets. 11.5 cm x 20.5 cm.


A robust c. 1850 antique neurosurgical trephine with ebony handle.  The straight-side crown was thought in the US to be rather archaic by 1860 when the conical Galt crown became the standard.  The cut of the Galt crown made it easier to remove the bone disk.  The sliding centering pin is in proper working order.



A fine quality antique Mathieu's tonsilotome by Galante, Paris.



syringe, hypodermic set, Tiemann.jpg (69064 bytes)

An antique hypodermic syringe by Tiemann & Co., New York.  The syringe is made from hard rubber.


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