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An original photograph of an anatomy class in the Upper Amphitheater, College Building (built in 1898), Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, early 20th century.  The person standing is holding a human skull.  The operating table at the center of the arena is the famous table of Dr. Samuel D. Gross (1805-1884), and it is represented in the Thomas Eakins painting The Gross Clinic (1875).  The old operating table survives, having been saved by Dr. John Chalmers DaCosta (1882-1959), who is thought to be the person sitting at the head of the table in this photograph.  For another view of and some history on the room, please click here.  A biography of DaCosta may be found at this link.



A c. 1850 antique phrenology bust inkwell embossed along the front:  By F. Bridges / Phrenologist.  14cm tall.



A c. 1940s Emdee doctor's bag by Schell.  The bag is gold-embossed:  JAMES T. HICKS, M.D.



An antique monaural stethoscope turned from wood and given an ebony finish.



A fine antique hypodermic syringe set with two needles, cleaning wires, and the original case.



Daguerrotye, homeopathic doctor with wife.1, RS.jpg (182487 bytes)

A superb 1850s sixth-plate daguerreotype of a doctor, probably a homeopath, and his wife.  Note the open medicine case.  Rufus P. Anson, of 589 Broadway, New York City, was the daguerreotypist of this wonderful image.



An intaglio of Asklepios, the Greek god of medicine, 16 x 11 x 3 mm.



dental, toothkey, Hernstein 2, overall.jpg (57993 bytes)

dental_toothkey_Hernstein_2_side_edited-1.jpg (35154 bytes)

dental, toothkey, Hernstein 2, mark.jpg (62634 bytes)

A  high quality c. 1850 antique dental toothkey marked:  H. HERNSTEIN.  This handsome dental antique has an exaggerated dog-leg shaft and a removable rotating and reversible fulcrum that allows the claw to be adjusted to whatever tooth is to be extracted.  The handle is checked-coromandel.  At 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) long, this is relatively large toothkey.  The dental and surgical instrument maker Hermann Hernstein was active in New York City from 1843 to 1861.  Signed American toothkeys are scarce.  See Edmonson, p. 220.



A c. 1990s Hewlett Packard Rappaport Sprague binaural stethoscope.  The body of the double-chestpiece is marked:  RAPPAPORT / SPRAGUE  // HEWLETT / PACKARD / USA.



A c. 1920 set of antique acupuncture needles by R. Badoux, Paris.  A packet of extra needles is stamped: AIGUILLES D'ACUPUNCTURE.  The purpose-built needle case comes with its original leather slipcover. 


A first model antique Cammann binaural stethoscope with hard rubber bell and earbuds.



neurosurgery, trephine set, Schively, open full.jpg (152932 bytes)

A fine c. 1850 antique trephine set by Schively, Philadelphia.  All the original instruments are present.  Schively, besides making superb surgical instruments, is noted as a premier 19th century bowie knife manufacturer.



A c. 1860 antique capital amputation saw marked K. KLOT /  COL-O.  Konstantin Klot was a surgical instrument maker in Columbus, Ohio, and his instruments are rather rare.  The handle is ebony.


A c. 1840 O.W.R. Eastman patent toothkey.  The double-claw bolster can be removed and rotated and reversed.  This is the first example of this type of antique dental  key that this dealer has seen.



saw, amputation, spanner, c. 1780.jpg (53989 bytes)

A very rare c. 1770 antique spanner for working the tension nut of an amputation saw blade.



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