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A fine antique Cammann double stethoscope by Codman & Shurtleff, Boston.  This classic 1860s Cammann binaural stethoscope comes with its original two ebony cups...a flared bell for general sounds and a narrow bell for localized sounds.  The dismantled Cammann stethoscope and chest-pieces fit into the accompanying leather carrying pouch.  Harvard and Bellevue were the early adaptors to Cammann's binaural stethoscope and Boston and New York were the centers for the manufacturing of the Cammann in the 1860s.  The 7 March 1861 issue of The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal published a Codman & Shurtleff advertisement that offers Cammann's Double Stethoscopes.


Two 18th century antique dental forceps in hand-wrought iron.



A rare life-size antique anatomical model of a uterus and full term fetus.  The model is signed by Auzoux (Paris), a company considered to be the finest commercial maker of anatomical models, and dated 1920.



A c. 1850 antique hearing aid intricately carved from ivory.  The workmanship is of a very high quality.  Nine inches long. 



A very large c. 1915 antique cold cathode x-ray tube by Machlett, New York.  This  interrupterless transformer tube is 22" long, and it has a slight purple tint to the bulb.  It is a fine radiology antique. 



A c. 1860 antique trephine suite of instruments by Luer, Paris.  The group includes two crown trephines, each with a depth limit guard, a brush for cleaning bone dust from the blades, and a rasp.  The handles are ebony. 



A well-made antique anesthesia nitrous oxide gas and ether inhaler as introduced, in the early 1900s, by Sir Frederick Hewitt (1857-1916), anesthetist to King Edward VII.  The Hewitt's improved large bore inhaler is a modification of Clover's  portable regulating inhaler.  The reservoir is hand-engraved:  Geo. Barth & Co.  London / Sole Makers.



A c. 1800 antique bloodletting lancet with original case.  The instrument is known as a thumb lancet due the manner in which it was held and pushed into a blood vessel.  Tortoiseshell guards protect the blade.



A fine c. 1865 Follin ophthalmoscope with condenser and case.  The handle to this antique ophthalmoscope is ivory.  The set was made by George Tiemann & Co., New York, and is complete and all-original.  A Tiemann ophthalmoscope from this period is a relatively rare find.



An interesting c. 1860 antique cheek retractor by Ler, Paris.



A c. 1700 antique amputation saw with elegant frame and spiral cut handle.


A boxed-set of 50 c. 1940s vintage Galeski prosthetic eyes.



A c. 1900 antique chloroform Esmarch's drop bottle by D. Simal, Paris.  The convex side of the glass is engraved with volume markers from 0 to 100 grams.



An antique Well's percussion hammer with flexible baleen handle.



A c. 1930 antique anatomical model of the heart and lungs by Welch, Chicago. 



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