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A handsome group of four c. 1840 antique dental instruments with spiral-carved mother-of-pearl handles.



photo, CDV, Valentine Mott, profile.jpg (104814 bytes)

A photograph of Valentine Mott, M.D. (1785-1865), of New York City, one of the most eminent surgeons of his day.  For an interesting biography, please see this link.



A rare and fine George Tiemann patent 1846 scarificator.  This is a uniquely American antique bloodletting instrument.  See Tiemann 1889, p. 115, fig. 1650.



A c. 1880 antique ENT set with mirror speculum mounted to eyeglasses-like frame, two throat mirrors with ivory handle, and a set of three nesting silver aural specula, all contained in the original velvet-lined leather case.



A very rare Civil War period lecture ticket issued by the Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, to William McCully.  The ticket admits the bearer to the Session 1863=4 class of Theory and Practice of Medicine, which was taught by David. Hunter Tucker, M.D. (1815-1871.  While teaching at MCV, Dr. Tucker also served as a surgeon at Winder Hospital, a Confederate facility in Richmond, and on the Richmond Confederate soldier examining board.  He was an 1836 graduate of MCV and was awarded a second medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1836.  Dr. Tucker has autographed the back of the lecture ticket.  There is no record of McCully having graduated. 




A Civil War Confederate Invoice of Medicines, Instruments, Hospital Stores, Bedding, &c., dated April 4, 1864, Orange Court House [Virginia], and signed by W.H. Geddings, Surgeon and Medical Purveyor, A.N.V.  The document records the issuing of whiskey to Surgeon W.S.  Love, 9th La. Regt.  William H. Geddings (d. 1892) was an 1861 graduate of Medical College of the State of South Carolina, Charleston.  He became Chief Medical Purveyor, Army of Northern Virginia (ANV), in October of 1862, and was in the surrender at Appomattox.  William Samuel Love (1836-1912) graduate from the University of Pennsylvania in 1860, and he practiced in Winchester, Virginia, after the War.  



A c. 1870 ebonized-wood Stokes' monaural stethoscope that incorporates a rare percussion rubber ring as shown in a Maw catalogue.  The percussor rubber ring fits into a groove around the edge of the thickened ear-plate. 



A CDV of a Civil War hospital steward.  The hospital steward chevrons are clearly visible.  The photograph has a Philadelphia studio's backmark.



A high quality nine-button Civil War officer's frock coat that belonged to Dr. Wallace H. Hoag, Assistant Surgeon to the 134th New York Infantry.  Embroidered in the lining are the initials W.H.H.



A c. 1650 iron bow frame capital amputation saw with smooth wood grip. The blade is quite wide to compensate for the then current state of metallurgy. This antique surgical saw is over twenty inches long.



An attractive thirteen-inch high patent 1862 antique drug jar with TR. OPII glass label.



doc, Enoch Hale, 1839.jpg (56534 bytes)

An 1839 medical statement for medical attendance from Enoch Hale, M.D. (1790-1848), of Boston, an 1813 graduate of Harvard Medical School and a student of Dr. John Warren.   Dr. Hale was a nephew of the Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale.



orthopedic, Engel's paslter of Paris bandage saw, Armstrong.jpg (51500 bytes)

A c. 1890 antique Engel's plaster of Paris bandage saw by Armstrong & Co., Indianapolis.  It is unusual to see this orthopedic saw with an ebony handle.



 A replica of a Laennec stethoscope produced by Wyeth Laboratories as a promotional gift in the 1960s.  The three-piece stethoscope comes with a stand.  ~13" long.



surgical, chisels set, Tiemann, box.jpg (99658 bytes)

surgical, chisels set, Tiemann, open.jpg (160729 bytes)

surgical, chisels set, Tiemann, out.jpg (120948 bytes)

surgical, chisels set, Tiemann, trade label.jpg (225647 bytes)

A c. 1890 antique set of 9 various orthopedic chisels made by George Tiemann, New York.  The chisels range in size from 15.3 cm to 22.3 cm.  All are marked TIEMANN.


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