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A compact, complete, and fine c. 1840s surgical set with all instruments marked: CHARRIERE.  Note the inclusion of a toothkey.  Four claws of varying sizes for the key are contained in a small compartment under the needle kit.  The capital saw is set with its original heavy blade and the fine blade is also present.  The catheter is pewter.  Each handle is in ebony but that in horn for the toothkey.   The case is covered in pebble-grained cloth and the fixtures are brass.  The case lining is chamois.  The house of Charriere is considered one of the best Paris instrument makers of the time.



A superb American antique bloodletting solid silver spring lancet with its original fitted slipcase.  The lancet was presented to Dr. Daniel S. Shade from his preceptors Drs. Keeler & Groff.  Shade graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1856.   The interior cover plate has a beautiful blued finish.



René-Théophile-Hyacinthe Laennec, A Treatise on the Diseases of the Chest and on Mediate Auscultation, from the 4th London edition.  Philadelphia:  Desilver, Thomas & Co., 1835.  661 pp.  This very book belonged to and is autographed on the inside front cover by three 19th century Cincinnati doctors, most notably, in 1849, Nathan B. Marsh, the inventor of the first patented (1851) and commercially made binaural stethoscope.  The book presents an interesting juxtaposition of Laennec, the inventor of the monaural stethoscope (1816), and Marsh.



surgical set, minor, US Army, Civil War, Hernstein, case_edited-1.jpg (67611 bytes)

surgical set, minor, US Army, Civil War, Hernstein, USA detail_edited-3.jpg (126722 bytes)

surgical set, minor, US Army, Civil War, Hernstein, open_edited-1.jpg (155387 bytes)

surgical set, minor, US Army, Civil War, Hernstein, cover out_edited-1.jpg (151538 bytes)

An antique c. 1860 Civil War minor surgery set by Hernstein, New York.  The case cartouche is engraved: U.S.A.  This is an unusual U.S. Army contract set: no other military purchase example is known to this dealer.



ear trumpet, C. Nyrop, Kjobenhavn, horrohr, antique.jpg (52367 bytes)

ear trumpet, C. Nyrop, Kjobenhavn, horrohr, antique, detail.jpg (55415 bytes)

A c. 1850 antique ear trumpet marked C. NYROP / KJØBENHAVN.




An antique monaural stethoscope turned from wood and marked:  WEISS LONDON.  The stethoscope is illustrated in the Weiss catalogue of 1863, Pl. XLII, No. 8.



A fine quality c. 1880 antique homeopathic medicine set by E. Gould & Son, London.  All the original bottles are present, including one for digitalis.  The wood case is veneered in burled-walnut. 



phrenology bust, Derby. front.jpg (66601 bytes)

phrenology bust, Derby.1.jpg (69885 bytes)

phrenology bust, Derby. side left.jpg (72880 bytes)

A very rare c. 1830 antique phrenology bust, possibly made by Derby porcelain.  The phrenology antique offered here resembles the Gall and Combe type busts seen in their respective publications.  While the Fowler busts of the 1860s and through the later 19th century are more common, this is a scarce porcelain antique phrenology head of an earlier generation.  This dealer is aware of only a few other examples.  30 cm tall.



A c. 1840 antique trephine with ebony handle.  The slots in the crown blade were thought to ease the clogging of the trephine caused by the mixture of bone dust and blood.



John Hatch Power, Anatomy of the Arteries of the Human Body.   401 pp.  73 figures.  Philadelphia: Lippencourt, 1863.  This book was authorized by the Surgeon General of the United States Army for use in field and general hospitals.



urological, circumcision, shield, Sklar.jpg (46328 bytes)

A vintage circumcision shield by Sklar, New York.



A large c. 1860 antique trocar with cannula.  The instrument was used for bladder puncture through the rectum.  The cannula is solid silver and the handle is ebony.  See  Tiemann 1889, p. 128, fig. 1728



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